56e Rallye International
des Alpes

17 - 21

septembre 2018

The Rise and Fall of the French Alpine Rally

Martin Pfundner

In its heydays the French Alpine Rally, officially named Coupe des Alpes, was one of the two most ardous and ultra-sporting Rallies worldwide.

It was adventure pure, supreme and had but one rival, the Liége-Rome-Liége. The magic of the French Alpine still survives although the last proper one was held almost half a century ago. Makes like Alpine-Renault, Austin-Healey, Jaguar Mini and Sunbeam became famous due to their triumphs in the French Alpine Rally.

Sixty years ago Stirling Moss most sucessfully took part in three French Alpine Rallies and now wrote the introduction to Maretin Pfundner´s comprehensive history of that great moment.

Alpenfahrt: 100 years old

Martin Pfundner

Austria and its mountains give one of the biggest contributions to the alpine automobile industry: the Alpenfahrt. Organized for the first time in 1910, it was from the beginning considered as the toughest and the most important tourist race before the first WW.

Men, full of daring, venture on-board of their fragile cars on dangerous mountain trails where they needed to prove their boldness to prevail the steepest passes of those mountains. Until the prewar in 1914, the factories appearing in the Alpine Rally had all of their cars built adapted to the Alps shape. Between 1928 and 1936, the Alpenfahrt created cooperation between all the alpine automobile clubs. It took the drivers in an adventure through all the famous passes of France, Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Because cars built especially for the alpine trails are also good for a regular driving, a road construction wave began, thus creating a regular traffic.

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